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Anita Välkki Society 

Anita Välkki Society was founded at 28.10.2010 at the Lallukka Artists’ Home in Helsinki. The purpose of the society is to cherish the memory and career of Mss. Välkki. In the bylaws of the association the purpose is described as follows:

The purpose of the society is to support and develop the art of singing and to maintain and facilitate musical activities in society’s domicile and in Finland. Especially the purpose of the society is to respect Anita Välkki’s memory and her career for the finish art of singing and to facilitate teaching given according the singing pedagogic she developed.


Anita Välkki Society and Sibelius Academy arranged 26.10.2012 a memorial concert for Anita Välkki. Laura Heinonen, Tove Åman, Merja Mäkelä, Hanna Kronqvist, Pirkko Törnnqvist-Paakkanen and Heli Veskus sang in honor to their teacher.

Anita Välkki Vissi d’Arte –recording was launched at 24.5.2012. This is the first ever release with Mss. Välkki in the lead, the international top-soprano of Finland. In the album Mss. Välkki sings lieds by Toivo Kuula and her most famous parts.

Anita Välkki’s heritage is organized as a private collection.

Society Board

By the bylaws of the society the period of board membership is two years. Half of members resign each year. The president is nominated for two year period.

Email the board members: avs (dot) seura (at) gmail (dot) com


The inheritage of Anita Välkki is being organized as private collection. Exhibitions of the collection are held at concerts or other events. Some parts of the collection, such as notes or instruments, can be borrowed by students. In the collection there are photographs, letters, notes, press cuttings, manuscripts, librettos and stage jewels.

Donations have been made from the collection:

To Theatre Museum 3 manuscripts of plays

To Sibelius Academy’s conductor course x kpl miniature scores

Join us

The association board accepts the members. After acceptance the membership letter and the invoice of annual fee is sent by email.

The annual fee is 25€/person (2016).

Please send your application with our form under this link.


In memoriam 28.4.2011 by Fred Plotkin


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